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2016 Conference Presentations

2016 Conference Pitches and Presentation - shared with permission

Pitch Session 1 ‐ Remote Detection, Monitoring, and Data Analysis

Pitch Session 2 ‐ Robotics, Sensors, Building and Engine Efficiencies

  • Portable Luminescence-Based Sensor (Pittsburgh, PA) Paul Ohodnicki, NETL Team Lead
  • 9Three Solutions (Morgantown, WV) Mike Lyons, Founder/CEO
  • European Parts Solution (Miami, FL) Gilbert Mesa, Owner
  • Gecko Robotics (Pittsburgh, PA) Troy Demmer, Co-Founder
  • HiberSense (Pittsburgh, PA) Brendan Quay, CTO

Pitch Session 3 ‐ Power and CO2 Reductions, Biofuels and Energy Harvesting

  • Chemical Looping (Morgantown, WV) Ranjani Siriwardane, NETL Team Lead
  • Rewyndr (Pittsburgh, PA) David Palmer, Co-founder
  • Potential Labs (Athens, OH) Ben Lachman, CEO
  • Optimus Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA) Colin Huwyler, CEO
  • Aspinity, Inc. (Morgantown, WV) Brandon Rumberg, President

Pitch Session 4 – Power Monitroing, Water Treatment, Electric Vehicles, CO2 Capture

  • Resilient Power Solutions (Athens, OH) Randall Gabriel, CEO
  • Meyers Electric Vehicles (Tallmadge, OH) Dana Myers, Founder & CEO
  • Pelletized Solvents for Carbon Capture (Pittsburgh, PA) Chris Wilfong, NETL Team Lead
  • Epiphany Water Solutions (Pittsburgh, PA) Gordon Craig, Acting CFO
  • PowerSage (Columbus, OH) Ahmar Bajwa, Co-founder & COO

Pitch Session 5 ‐ Software and Analytics for Energy Storage, Location, and Collaboration

  • Teratonix (Pittsburgh, PA) Ivan Pistsov, Business Development
  • EthosGen (Wilkes Barre, PA) James Abrams, Founder
  • ARIN Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA) Vivek Kulkarni, CEO
  • D-PowerNet (Pittsburgh, PA) Javad Mohammadi, Founder

The Future of Making Things – Luke Mihelcic, Product Marketing Manager,  Autodesk