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2014 Conference Presentations

2014 Conference Presentations – shared with permission

Pitch Session 1 ‐Monitoring Technologies and Energy Storage

Pitch Session 2 ‐ Engines and Fuels

  • Bio Energy Holdings, Inc. (Plymouth Meeting, PA) Peter Chapin, President & CEO
  • CedarRun Energy (Warrenton, VA) Terry Nyhous, President
  • H Quest Vanguard (Pittsburgh, PA) George Skoptsov, President & CEO
  • Vadxx Energy (Cleveland, OH) Jim Garrett, CEO
  • Radical Combustion Technologies, LLC (Vienna, VA) Richard Thompson, Founder & CEO

Pitch Session 3 ‐ Materials

  • BioBent Holdings/Polymers LLC (Columbus, OH) Keith Masavage, Founder & CEO
  • LumiShield Technologies  (Pittsburgh, PA) David Luebke, CEO
  • PolyPlexx, LLC (South Charleston, WV) Jon Pauley, President
  • Uniform Mixing Project (Morgantown, WV) John VanOsdol, NETL Research Engineer

Pitch Session 4 – Energy Efficiency Products, Processes, and Services

  • Green Lancer Energy (Detroit, MI) Daniel Edelson, Business Development Manager
  • GreenHeated Glass (Cowansville, PA) Frank Dlubak, Owner
  • WindPax, LLC (Glen Dale, WV) Justin Chambers, President
  • Simple‐Fill, Inc. (Columbus, OH) Rob Underhill, President

Pitch Session 5 ‐ Water Technologies