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Expedited Process to Apply to Make a Pitch

Participate in the 7th TransTech Energy Business Development Conference, October 23-24, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn – Southpointe, PA

  • $30,000 in monetary awards
  • $20,000 in technical assistance awards
  • In-kind legal assistance awards
  • Investors from five regional states
  • Insightful and inspiring speakers
  • U.S. DOE program and technology managers

Step 1

Prepare a PPt deck, max 10 slides, min font size 20, that includes:

Company/Project Profile

  • Name of your startup company or commercializable project – which is it?
  • Your name, title/role, email, business and cell phone, company/project website
  • Investment stage (pre-seed, seed, early, later, growth, …)
  • Commercialization stage (pre-sales, sales, revenues, profits, …)
  • Technology type, application areas

And the following information, if available

  • Elevator pitch for your company or project - how will it make money?
  • Rationale, problems solved, services provided, pleasure/value created
  • Product/process, underlying innovations, prototypes, demos, validations
  • Customer research, engagement with potential customers, businesses and industry
  • Market identification, initial niche markets, growth markets, expansion markets
  • Go to market strategy, customer acquisition, sales channels, sales goals
  • Competitors and your competitive advantages, IP, incubators, accelerators, awards
  • Major risks for success of your company or project
  • Team members, strategic industry partners, advisors, mentors

Step 2

Save your PPt deck as a PDF and email it to with cc to

Questions? Call 304-293-7318 or email