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Evolving Energy Technology Showcase Winners

Congratulations to the Evolving Energy Technology Showcase winners!

1st Place - $7,500 

Ecotone Renewables

Dylan Lew Photo

Ecotone Renewables empowers sustainable communities by making sustainable food and agriculture systems more accessible and profitable. We are a Pittsburgh-based startup scaling anaerobic digestion technology to sustainably process food waste and produce our signature Soil Sauce fertilizer through our Zero Emission Upcycling System (ZEUS). We already have 2 systems operating and generating revenue, and are launching 3 additional systems in October.

2nd Place - $5,000


Matt Guttenberg photo

InceptEV is a simulation-first electric vehicle data company for fleet operations planning and optimization. We use our proprietary data and patented technology to understand fleet performance prior to purchasing assets and forecast operational requirements. This allows us to provide our customers with the information needed to save money when buying their vehicles by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and to save on operational time and costs through proper logistical planning. The data produced by the software helps reduce the uncertainty of an electric fleet deployment with the provided performance analytics.

3rd Place - $2,500

Sensible Photonics

Leah Ohodnicki photo

Sensible Photonics is partnering with utilities, OEMs and regulators to improve grid reliability and resilience through low-cost sensing solutions for distribution transformers and other electrical equipment. To keep pace with the growing demand for electricity and heightened threat from climate change, the grid needs to be smarter and more self-aware. Sensible Photonics fiber optic sensors provide real-time temperature readings for electrical assets and can enable the proactive prediction of required maintenance and imminent failures due to thermal runaway, resulting in improved reliability, financial savings, enhanced lifespan of equipment, operational efficiency, and safety.  Future product offerings will enable real-time monitoring of additional critical parameters relevant for electrical equipment health monitoring.

Technical Assistance Award - $10,000

Nexceris/Adena Power

Neil Kidner Photo

Adena Power is a new start-up business that Nexceris has launched dedicated to the commercialization of our new sodium solid-state battery. The technology is designed to support the clean energy transition and the massive expansion of new energy storage required to deliver clean affordable, and reliable electricity from renewable energy sources to homes across America. We have assembled a great team with over 40 years of combined technical and commercialization in this space. In addition, we are fortunate to have the support of Nexceris, who has been involved in the development of advanced energy technologies since 1994 and provides unrivaled technical expertise and market access.