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Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria to be Used by Reviewers 

The Application to Make a Pitch covers ten main topics, which are listed below with several prompts to help you understand and evaluate the intent of that section of the Application.

The evaluation also includes two questions about the Application's major strength and weakness. As you read through the Application, please think about:

    i) How well does the applicant understand and address the intent and importance of a topical area?
    ii) How compelling and novel are the ideas and innovations presented in the response?
    iii) How convincing is the evidence, validation, and analysis presented in support of the claims and conclusions?
    iv) How well thought out and well written is the response? Please use your best professional judgment to evaluate the applicant’s responses and assign a score from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) for each of the 10 main topical areas.

    The following guidelines are intended to provide some basis for consistency among reviewers in assigning scores.

      1.Very weak response – no evidence the applicant understands the intent of the question – not well thought out – poorly written answers – needs lots of work to be acceptable
      2.Poor response – answers are generally weak and do not convey a good understanding of the intent of the question – writing needs work – some glimmer of hope, but it’s not there yet
      3.Average response – answers convey an understanding of the intent and importance of the question – the evidence is not so compelling – writing is OK, but needs improvement
      4.Overall a good response and well written – answers demonstrate a clear understanding of the intent and importance of the question – evidence and analysis are compelling and convincing
      5.Exceptionally strong response – very compelling and convincing use of data and validation – very nicely written – demonstrates excellent understanding of the intent and importance of the question – very well thought out and supported responses

    Main Topics Prompts

      1.Elevator Pitch: Does the introduction (elevator pitch) catch your interest? Make you want to learn more?
      2.Rationale: Is the pain, problem, situation addressed? Relief provided?
      3.Target Market: Are there potential customers? Is it clear who will pay? Do they have customer feedback?
      4.Product/Service: How does it work? Does it solve pain/problem? Did they support value described?
      5.Innovations/Technologies: Are they unique? What enables their solutions? Where was it       developed and by whom? Has their product/process/service been validated?
      6.Market Strategy: Is their "Go to market" strategy clear? Have they defined marketing milestones,  sales channels and sales goals?
      7.Competitive Advantages: Who is their competition? How is company/project better than what is already out there? Are their barriers to entry? IP - have they protected it?
      8.Risks: Have they defined future obstacles/challenges? How will they mitigate risks for investors?
      9.Team Members: Who is their team and their qualifications? Do they have strategic partners? Current investors?
      10.Optional: Any further important information regarding their company? Does the application have a major strength? If so, what is it? Does the application have a major weakness? If so, what is it?