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2020 TransTech Business Development Conference

TransTech (TTE) refers to a broad range of commercializable technologies and strategies that improve upon existing infrastructure and generally lead to an efficient, competitive, sustainable economy of the future.

TTE technologies include, for example, recovery and use of waste energy, hybrid fossil/renewable systems, productive uses of CO2, software tools for energy efficient homes/industries/buildings, renewable energy technologies, lightweight/corrosion resistant materials, energy storage/grid stability technologies, biometrics/bioinformatics, identification and security, cybersecurity and power grid safety, and energy efficient advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics, 3-D printing, and nanotechnology.

The Annual regional TTE Business Development Conferences provide a venue for TTE start-ups and commercializable projects from universities, national labs, private companies, and other innovation/entrepreneurial centers to make pitches for funding to panels of investors and industry experts. The goal is creation of new businesses and jobs in our region.

The TTE conferences generate interest and excitement in the community for research-based innovative technologies and raise expectations among the general public for creation of start-up companies and new jobs based on research from universities and national labs.

The TransTech Regional Business Development Conferences are hosted and organized by the TransTech Business Development Program of the WVU Office of Technology Transfer.