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Pitch Application

Apply to Make a Pitch - 

*** Deadline EXTENDED to September 20, 2019 ***
    • $30,000 in monetary awards 
    • $20,000 in technical assistance awards 
    • In-kind legal assistance awards 
    • Investors from five regional states

  • This is an investor pitch opportunity for emerging companies and projects that could become tomorrow's exciting success stories!
  • The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that all information provided in the "Application to Make a Pitch" is non-confidential and is not a public disclosure under patent law.
  • There is no charge to apply to make a pitch.
Benefits for Applying to Make a Pitch and Attending the Conference
  • You will receive valuable and direct feedback from reviewers on your Appli cation to Make a Pitch.
  • At the Conference, you will have the opportunity to hear and learn from pitches made by other TTE companies.
  • At the Conference, you will have opportunities to network with investors, industry executives,  academic and national laboratory researchers, and other TTE energy entrepreneurs.
  • Monetary awards for the top ranked teams.

APPLICATION PROCESS: - Deadline EXTENDED to September 20, 2019!

Complete the following three steps to apply to make a Pitch at TransTech 2019 :

Step 1 : Complete the downloadable form  Company/Applicant Profile PageREQUIRED!

Step 2 : Prepare a PPt deck of up to 10 slides, minimum font size 14, with the following information – REQUIRED!

We are trying to make the application process as straight forward as possible. Please do your part and provide the requested information with clear and succinct answers. Do not include confidential information regarding the company or project you are applying to pitch.

The PPt deck requested here is your Application to Make a Pitch – your actual Presentation Pitch Deck for the Conference would be completely up to you.

Slide 1 - Elevator pitch for your company or project - a compelling, succinct description of your business or commercializable project – include the $ amount of investment you are seeking and for what purposes

Slide 2 - Rationale – What is the pain/problem to be resolved, services to be provided, pleasure or value that will be created with your innovation?

Slide 3 – What is your target market and who are your potential customers? Who cares? Who will pay? Feedback from potential customers with whom you have already interacted

Slide 4 – Clearly describe your product, process, or service – how it works and how it solves the pain/problem described above – or provides the pleasure/value described above

Slide 5 – What are the underlying innovations/technologies that enable your solutions? Where were they developed and by whom? What is the status of product/process/service validations?

Slide 6 – What is your Go to Market strategy? How will you acquire customers and generate sales? What are your sales channels and sales goals?

Slide 7 – Identify competitors/competing technologies – describe your competitive advantages, status of IP, or other unique situations that could benefit your company or project

Slide 8 – What are the major risks for success of your company or project? How will you mitigate risk for your investors?

Slide 9 – Identify and describe the roles and qualifications of your team members, advisors, strategic industry partners, mentors, and current investors (if any)

Slide 10 - Optional – further important information regarding your Application to Make a Pitch at TransTech 2019

Step 3 : Save the completed Company/Applicant Profile Profile page and your PPt deck as PDFs with your company or project name in the file name, and email them to with cc to SFallon@mail.wvu.eduREQUIRED!

If you currently have a YouNoodle account, please search for the 2019 TransTech Energy platform on the YouNoodle website to upload your Company/Applicant profile page and slide deck.

Helpful hints:

·         Keep the wording in your application slide deck concise and to the point

·         Do not include confidential information

·         Be sure your information is up-to-date – do not use a slide deck that is six months old!

          Deadline EXTENDED to September 20, 2019!

  Contact Angela Shock (304-293-6520) or Sandra Fallon (304-293-6456) by phone or email if you have questions, or suggestions.